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Do I have to commit to the nutrition plan and classes?

There are two options:

  • The 8 week nutrition plan,
  • or you can choose to participate in classes.

Are all fitness classes online?

Fitness classes are currently live at the Budworth Hall in Ongar.

Can I continue the plan after 8 weeks?

Yes you journey can continue, there is an option to continue after 8 weeks with the next level.  8 weeks of further education and support to continue with understanding your personal body requirements  with food/drink and exercise.

Do you do one to one sessions?

Yes I offer 1 to 1 or small group sessions

How much are your fitness classes?

Online zoom classes are £6.50 per session

How much contact will I have with you?

Contact during the 8 week program will be daily, so the food diary can be checked, giving accountability, allowing changes to be made and support and motivate given.
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