Do you Need treatment for a Sports injury?

Michelle Russell Personal Training Ongar

Maximizefitness & The Heart of Holistic Health are working together to provide care for all injuries – big and small. Visit our ‘Sports Injury Clinic’.

Appointments available at

The Heart of Holistic Health, High Street Ongar

Sports Injury Clinic is the best option for your muscles and joints.

Sports Injury Clinic’s treatment is designed to help you recover from sports injuries, and decrease the risk of re-injury. Pain relief and prevention are our specialty.

Give your body time to heal.

Whether it’s for a one-off injury or repetitive injuries, our Sports Injury Clinic on Ongar Essex, has the best specialists to support you in your sporting journey. Tailor making treatment plans that are right for you.

Fit 3D

Get a diagnosis with our state of the art 3D scanning machine.

Getting a diagnosis from an injury is important, but it’s not always easy. Visit our clinic and get a diagnosis with our state of the art 3D scanning machine. We can look at body alignment and posture. 

Good posture keeps your bones and joints in good alignment and reduces wear and tear on joint surfaces. It also decreases the stress on ligaments.

Prevent injuries, reduce pain.

Keep your mind and body in top shape with prevention. A little bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way to preventing pain and injury.

Treatments at the Sports Injury Clinic

Bowen Therapy

This treatment which is being used more and more by elite athletes to treat their injuries. It not only treats the injury itself but looks for and treats the root cause too. Making sure your core alignment is in the correct position can be the key to unlocking knee, ankle, hamstring, shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries.​ This combination means improvement can be immediate and recovery time reduced.


Acupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to balance the body and promote its natural ability to heal.


Massage helps you psychologically as well as physically on many levels reducing stress, allowing us to relax and release tension by manipulation of the muscles. 

Testimonials From My Wonderful Clients

Amazing lady and amazing classes. A year ago I never would have thought I would or even could do some of your classes. You have helped me so much along my weightloss journey and helped me to get fit and healthy. I believe I am a lot stronger, fitter and healthier and your classes and support have helped loads. I feel comfortable doing your classes and supported. Would highly recommend you to anyone at any level. X give it a go. 

One of a kind Michelle. Gave me so much support and confidence over the last few years and the classes are second to none. The atmosphere is amazing and the knowledge Michelle has is incredible. She adapts your workout to suit any need or ability. I recommend to everyone

Knew you were incredible but wow what a background! Don't know where I'd be without you, your positive encouragement and fab classes...I'm fitter now than I've ever been and working on a strong body for the summer....hoping we're allowed out to show it off

When I moved to Ongar 2 years ago I wanted to find some fitness classes so I joined Maximizefitness and can honestly say what lovely group of ladies I have met so welcoming. And Michelle Russell you have been amazing always there to help with any problem or question that I have, your classes are all great work outs and you are amazing instructor thank you

Michelle, where would I be without your support and encouragement . You have seen me through a terrible time,supported me from the very onset I still have a way to go but am fitter than I have been in a very long time You make me carry on with your constant support fitness and food management always there for us xx

Please take 5 mins and listen to one of the best trainers/instructors I have ever met. Michelle Russell from Maximizefitness. I met Michelle through a friend 3 years ago. I was still in the recovery phase of my rehab following emergency spinal surgery. Michelle helped & continues to train/help me 3 years on. I can honestly say I'm fitter & stronger and with minimal back issues. Due to Michelle's extensive knowledge, dedication, support I am continuing to build on my fitness every year. If you want consistency, support, fun & a great network get along to one of her classes.

I have attended Michelle Russell class for nearly 4 years I am 63 and she is such an inspiration no matter what age you are. She has also helped me with my diet and encouraged me to eat healthier . She is the greatest motivator I know and has changed my life and concept of exercise completely.

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